About Me - Derry Cox Fine Art Images

I taught myself photography back in the early 1970’s by reading books and doing hands on practice. Many photographers from that era will smile and say, “I’ve gotten my hands wet in the darkroom”.

Photographers back then needed to acquire a kind of finesse. You always needed to be sure you had the right kind of film and enough film to complete the job.

Quite often you needed to be thinking ahead. For example, when the bride and her father starts walking down the aisle that’s a very bad time to realize you need to put another roll of film in your camera!

Each print you made in the darkroom was a unique, one of a kind print. No matter how careful you were when dodging and burning by hand you could never do two prints exactly the same. You can get close but they’ll never be exactly the same.

I feel fortunate to have had the experience of working with film. Many of the lessons I learned working with film back then can be applied to digital photography today.

I’m a past member of the Professional Photographers of America and have attended classes at the Winona School of Photography in Indiana and at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Through the years I’ve photographed many weddings and have done many portraits. Since then, children have grown up and people have grown old and many have passed away.

Those smiles are gone now but their fond memories remain.

I was able to capture those smiles and the look of kindness and love in their eyes.

My work is spread all around the area like bread crumbs.

Those images are some of the most cherished possessions people have. They wouldn’t sell them for any amount of money.

I knew very well what I was doing. I was providing something of real value. And I knew the value of my work would continue to grow as time went on. That value goes far beyond money.

I’ve made a lot of people happy.

Today I produce Fine Art Digital Images. I think I’ve found my passion.